The following information has been prepared for all Buckeye Real Estate residents who reside in a unit that was not renewed for the following term.  If you have roommates who renewed the lease for another year in your home, please contact our office with specific questions, but these guidelines are for units that will be fully vacated.

The purpose of this flyer is to ensure that our residents have all the information that they’ll need for a smooth transition out of their Buckeye Real Estate apartment-home.  Please note that most Buckeye Real Estate leases expire at 12noon on August 2, 2018 however, you should confirm your lease expiration date on your personal lease agreement.  

Be sure to FULLY vacate your apartment on time, SECURE IT, and return all keys no later than your lease expiration.  

  • Key Return: To expedite paperwork procedures, all apartments with three or more residents should delegate one roommate to return all keys and leave a forwarding address for the deposit. 
  • Return keys, in person during normal business hours OR Place ALL keys in the envelopes located at our dropbox and complete the necessary information for key return
  • Any units not vacated by the lease expiration will be charged $100 per day and legal eviction proceedings will begin immediately.  
  • Missing keys, duplicated keys and keys that are not returned on time will result in the locks being replaced at your expense. 
  • ACH Tenant Portal and Outstanding balances:   
  • If you have a reoccurring payment set up through your ACH Tenant Portal, be sure to end it prior to your final month’s rent payment!  It will continue to make the payment until you terminate it.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a zero balance at move out  Your deposit is not a prepayment of last month’s rent!  July rent is due on or before the first of the month.  Please see section 13 of your lease agreement with any questions.  As with any month during your lease term; if rent is not paid in full on or before the due date, your address will incur late fines as well as run the risk of possible eviction action.
  • Security Deposit:
  • Upon compliance with all of the above conditions, the security deposit deposition will be refunded within 30 days after termination of lease or 30 days after keys are returned, whichever is last to occur.  
  • One check will be issued in the names of all residents and mailed via USPS to the one address provided at move out. (See below on information about how you can change who and where the deposit is sent)
  • General Reminders:
  • Buckeye Real Estate does NOT allow PODS on our property, including the parking areas.
  • If the city provided your address with a Blue Recycle Bin, it must remain at your address
  • STOP SERVICE for the gas and electric and RETURN any cable company equipment TO YOUR CABLE PROVIDER BEFORE you vacate!  
  • Security Deposit Information
    Residents often have questions and concerns regarding their security deposit and its return.  Provided that your rental account has been kept current and your apartment is left in excellent condition, you should not fear deductions from your security deposit.  Deductions will be made for:

    Dirty rooms (walls, doors, floors, windows, appliances, etc.)
    Damage to the apartment (walls, doors, floors, windows, appliances, etc.)
    Any deductions will be subtracted from the total security deposit and the balance, if any, will be returned within 30 days along with an itemized statement of deductions.  If the deductions exceed the security deposit, this balance must be paid within 30 days or legal action will be taken.  If you disagree with your deposit deposition, please submit that request, along with supporting documentation, in writing within two weeks prior to cashing the check.

    Addresses with 2 or more residents are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to make arrangements BEFORE their lease expires in order to have the deposit sent back to ONE name at a specific address.  In order to do this, EVERY resident on the lease must come to our office to sign a Deposit Delegation Form, which will be stapled to the back of your lease file.  THIS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE YOUR LEASE EXPIRES!!

    General Reminders
    Make arrangements for moving supplies and moving vehicles AHEAD of time.  Due to the large volume of residents relocating, these are often on short supply!  REMEMBER, we do NOT allow PODS on our properties, including the parking areas.

    **Don’t forget to forward your mail through the postal service!  You may do so online at**



    Time Warner Cable

    AEP (electric)

    City Electric

    Columbia Gas

    Cleaning Tips

    BATHROOM:  Floors, mirrors, walls, counters, toilet, sink, tub, tub walls, and shower doors must all be thoroughly cleaned and free of mildew and soap scum. 

    KITCHEN:  Clean floors, sink and counters, wipe out the cupboards and the cupboard doors.  The stove top, oven and refrigerator (including the drawer underneath) must be cleaned.  Don’t forget to check behind these appliances for hidden dirt!  Flush water through the garbage disposal to be sure that it is not clogged.  Double check that dishwasher is emptied of dishes and clean.

    LAUNDRY: Empty clothes from the washer/dryer unit, clean the appliances and remove any detergents, etc. from the laundry area.
    The remainder of your apartment must be free of all items that were not there when you moved in.  The removal of these items by Buckeye Real Estate can be costly.  Be sure the carpet is left in satisfactory condition.  Dirt and stains are unacceptable and it is your responsibility to see that the carpet is left clean.  Please make sure all walls, windows, woodwork, ceiling fans, vents and fixtures are wiped down.  Remember, light bulbs and smoke detector batteries were supplied for you when you moved in, please leave them for future residents. 
    Painting charges will apply for any painting required beyond normal wear and tear!

    General Repair Costs
    Residents sometimes inquire as to what charges will be assessed for damages to their apartment-home during their residency and after they have vacated.  Please refer to the following list for a general idea of repair costs:

    Broken Windows       
    Single Pane    
    $ 90.00 (and up)         
    Double Pane   
    $150.00 (and up)

    Clogged Disposal                               
    $ 65.00                       

    Disposal replacement                         

    ReKey Locks             
    Door Lock      
    $ 85.00 (per lock)       
    $ 65.00

    Door Replacement     
    $130.00 (and up)        
    $550.00 (and up)

    Window Blind Replacement             
    $ 35.00 (and up) per blind

    Outlet/Switchplate covers                  
    $3.00 apiece

    Carpet/Vinyl Replacement                
    Depends on current contractor’s price

    Carpet Cleaning                                
    $35.00/area (varies on current contractor’s price)

    Light Bulbs                

    Smoke Detector Batteries                

    Drywall Repair                                   
    Depends on current contractor’s price

    Depends on current contractor’s price

    It is the resident’s responsibility to leave the apartment in a ‘move-in clean’ condition (see cleaning tips on back of sheet).  Any cleaning required in the apartment will be charged back to the resident:

    $ 75.00 (and up)

    $ 85.00 (and up)

    Half Doubles:  
    $ 95.00 (and up)

    $110.00 (and up)

    Additional fees will be assessed for extremely dirty apartment homes