Rent Payment Information

Please remember:
· That the term of your lease agreement is paid in twelve equal monthly installments, including your August payment.
· All rent payments must be paid via ACH using your Tenant Portal Login per your lease agreement. Our office does not accept cash!
· Any payments made in our office are subject to a $50 processing fee.
· The monthly rent is due in advance, on, or before the first day of each month.
· All rent received after the due date shall be subject to a $40.00 late charge plus $1.00 per day after the 4th until paid in full.
· Any payment returned from the bank, for any reason, is subject to a $30.00 returned check fee and any applicable late fees.

Leasing Office Hours*:

Monday – Friday
9 am to 5 pm
11 am to 3 pm
*hours subject to change due to seasonal availability.

What happens if you do not pay rent on the first of the month? First, it is important to understand our policy regarding the payment of rent. Rent is due in our office on or before midnight on the first day of each month. On or about the 4th of the month you will be mailed a statement of any balance that you may have. Accounts that are not cleared up by the 10th of the month will be served with a “Notice to Leave Premises” as required under Ohio Revised Code Section 1923.04. This notice gives us the legal right to file an eviction against all occupants of the unit if the account has not been cleared up within three business days.

Residents that are having financial problems are urged to contact the collections department. A simple phone call might prevent the costs and embarrassment associated with an eviction. The important thing to remember is not to ignore your financial responsibilities. The sooner we know that you are having a problem, the sooner we will be able to work out an agreement that benefits both parties.