In order to sign a lease agreement with Buckeye Real Estate, you’ll need to come to our office with the full deposit (in cash, check, or money order) and at least 2/3 of your roommates for the upcoming lease term.

The Buckeye Real Estate Leasing Procedure…

EACH Lessee Must:

 Complete rental applications and pay application fee ($20)

 Provide two photo I.D.s (a state  license and school identification are preferred)

 Pay full security deposit – generally equivalent to the monthly rental payment (Cash, Check, or Money Order…we do not accept credit cards in our office)

 Read and sign the lease agreement

 Obtain a co-signer or prepay last month’s rent (everyone must agree on guarantor)

Co-signer forms are mailed out from our office after each person signs the lease agreement and are due back to our office within two weeks.  All co-signatures must be notarized.  Should you elect to pre-pay last month’s rent instead of getting a co-signer, the LMR payment is due in our office within two weeks of signing the lease.

Starting your search early?

Although Buckeye Real Estate has a specific date that we begin leasing our homes, there are many prospective residents that choose to get a jump on their search and start looking a month or two before leasing season actually begins.  For this reason, our website has the ability to show prospective residents ONLY the units that are still available for rental for the upcoming Fall OR the ability to view every unit that we manage that might fit your criteria in order to shop for the following year.

The Renewal Waiver Form

Our current residents are always given a specific time period to make arrangements to renew their lease agreement before we begin showing and renting our available units.  Many prospective residents who have started their search early will speak directly to the people living in their homes of interest to find out if their unit will be on the market for fall rental.  Should you locate the home that you want, view it on your own, and the current residents do not plan to renew, you can have them sign their renewal rights over to you using a Renewal Waiver Form.  The Renewal Waiver Form allows you to sign for a lease before the first day of rental season.  Renewal Waiver forms are generally available about six to eight weeks before the first day of rental season.  Should you choose to rent a home using the form, please be prepared to begin the Leasing Procedure (see above) at the time that you return to our office with the completed form.

The First Official Day of Rental Season

Buckeye Real Estate announces the first official day of rental season by October 1st each year.  The first day of rental season is the day we begin showing units and renting units.  We can schedule showings no more than one week in advance.  In order to locate the home that’s perfect for your needs, take a few minutes to go over the listings and narrow down the list to 5 or so units.  Should you elect to wait until the first day of rental season to rent your unit, you may do so by following the Leasing Procedure above.  Keep in mind that you MUST view the actual unit that you are renting before you sign a lease for it, either on your own or with one of our leasing consultants during a scheduled showing.