Rental season generally begins just after August as residents try to secure their fall housing early.  Our office begins receiving calls in May for the FOLLOWING school year.  Buckeye Real Estate will  not begin showing our current residents’ apartment-homes until we have given them an opportunity to renew their current lease.  All of our residents are given a specific date to inform us of their renewal intentions and usually takes place the first or second week of November, see your personal renewal letter for your specific renewal date. Renewal letters are generally emailed to all of our residents before the first week of October.

Most Buckeye Real Estate lease agreements expire late July – early August (consult the copy of your lease to confirm that date).  You’ll want to start thinking about your housing needs between September and November.  The renewal date on your renewal letter is the last day we can guarantee that your apartment-home will be available to renew for the next term.  After that date, any home that has not been leased will be placed on the open market for fall rental by another party.  You may renew your lease at any time as long as it is un-rented, but please keep in mind that the longer you wait, the less chance there is of your particular unit still being available.  Many of our residents opt to stay in their unit and find different roommates.  Be advised that all residents in your apartment-home are required to complete all rental procedures.

Planning to sign a renewal lease agreement?  Once you have received your renewal letter, be prepared before heading to the office by following these suggestions:

  • At least two-thirds of the next year’s lessees must be present at one time to sign and consummate the lease agreement.
  • PLEASE do not wait until the final week to make your renewal decision!  Our office will experience a huge influx of people searching for apartments beginning in October and the longer you wait to renew your lease the longer your wait will be at the leasing office counter!
  • If you’re thinking about a different location for next year, or you’re hunting for an apartment with new roommates, please stop by our office for an updated property listing or complete a housing search on this site.  Our rental staff will be glad to assist you in finding you the ideal apartment-home to suit your needs!  We hope to talk to you soon!  Feel free to contact our office at 294-5511 or with any questions.  Do keep in mind that if you choose another Buckeye Real Estate unit, there is a gap between when your current lease ends and the new lease begins for our Turnover period.