Your Move In Date…

According to your lease agreement, your lease begins August 17th.  Our office will be extremely busy during the turnover period between July 20th and August 25th.  Units are inspected soon after the keys are returned and the turnover process of painting, cleaning and carpet cleaning is started.  Once the turnover process has been completed on a unit, the leasing staff inspects it.  If the unit is ready for occupancy before the official move-in date, the leasing staff will contact all members of the lease agreement via email to inform them that the unit is ready for move in.  

PLEASE understand that there is NOTHING that can be done to ‘speed up’ the turnover process on a specific unit.  Its date of completion depends solely on the amount of work it requires, and the availability of resources.  Our office turns an average of 600 units per year in less than two weeks.  Repeat phone calls to the office during this time only serve to slow down the turnover process.  If a unit is completed before the lease start date, an email will be sent to the residents of the address to inform them that it is time to get keys.

If you absolutely need to get into your apartment early, you can opt to take the unit in ‘as-is condition’; meaning that your apartment-home will not receive painting, cleaning or carpet cleaning.  If you decide to take the unit in ‘as-is condition’, all lessees will need to come to the office to sign the approval BEFORE July 31st.  NEVER take keys from the current residents; we have to complete an inspection in between residents.  EVEN IF you sign for as-is condition, it is important to know that the only date that we can guarantee for move in is your lease date.  In some cases, the unit REQUIRES that we do the turnover work to it.

Rent and Lease Info…

12 Equal Monthly Installments
Please note that the first paragraph of your lease explains that the total sum of your rent will be paid in twelve equal monthly installments. Your first full rent payment is due on or before August 1st, and rent payments are to be paid on the first of each month thereafter through the month of July.  The term of your lease is ‘pre-prorated’ for a 50 week term.

Paying Your Rent with ACH through your Tenant Portal
The monthly rent is due in advance on or before the first day of each month during the lease term.  All rent received after the due date shall be subject to a $40.00 late charge.  All rent is to be paid by Buckeye Real Estate’s ACH system.  Lessees may pay their portioned amount of rent and water (if applicable) via their Tenant Portal.  Please note that there will be a charge of $50.00 per check for any check received in our office for payment on the lease account.  This $50.00 check fee will be assessed each time a check is received by Buckeye Real Estate.  ALL PAYMENTS must be RECEIVED on or before the 1st of each month.

Security Deposit
Your security deposit is just that, a deposit.  It is NOT an advance rental payment and cannot be used towards rent.  Please see section 14 of your lease agreement for further questions about your deposit.

Guarantor – Cosigner OR Prepayment of Last Month’s Rent
Most leases require a guarantor on the lease.  A guarantor can be a co-singer, or a prepayment of last month’s rent.  If you have roommates, you must all agree on which form of guarantor will be returned to our office, because you are signing a joint and severally liable lease, everyone must have the same form of guarantor and it must be returned to our office within two weeks of signing the lease.

Pet Policy
Section 4 of your lease prohibits pets in your apartment home and our office follows a strict ‘no pet’ policy.  Please respect the terms of your lease and do not permit pets in your home, this includes visiting pets!  Discovery of a pet on the premises will result in legal action.

Utilities and Minor Repairs
Utilities are marked in section 10, but many residents are curious as to why ‘Minor Repairs’ are the resident’s responsibility. Minor Repairs are any common sense repairs that can be handled by residents in their homes, such as plunging the toilet, changing the light bulbs, resetting breaker switches, changing furnace filters, unjamming a disposal, etc.

Renter’s Insurance
All residents, according to Section 5 of your lease agreement, must obtain renter’s insurance. Renter’s insurance is an affordable way to make sure your belongings are covered in the case of theft, fire, water, damage, etc.

Buckeye Real Estate ACH System

Buckeye Real Estate has transitioned to an online payment system. This is a free service for your convenience.

How it works:

  • A link will be sent to your email address (Late July) with instructions on how to activate your personalized online account. (Be sure to record your login and password, as we will not have access to this information) If a parent/guardian will be making your payments, be sure to share your login information with them.
  • Once your account is activated you will be able to pay your rent and any other charges online directly from your bank account.
  • You will need your bank account information including account number, routing number, or simply a copy of a check.
  • Payments can be made by debit or credit card for a FEE. We suggest using your checking account, which there is no fee.  
  • Each resident will have their own account, allowing him/her to submit their own payments separately.
  • Rent payments are due in full on the 1st of each month by 11:59 PM.

Benefits of ACH System


  • Online payments are more secure than mailing a check. You’ll receive an email notification when your payment is made that you can keep for your record.
  • Speed

  • Online payments post to your account faster than if you mail a check or use an online bill payment service.
  • Convenience

  • Your account will allow you to view your charges and make payments online anytime and from anywhere. No more hassle with paper checks, envelopes, stamps, or “out of your way” trips to our office to drop off a check.
  • You can set up a recurring payment so your rent is paid automatically-no more worrying about forgetting to pay your rent on time or dealing with late fees.
  • You can sign up for email reminders that payments are coming due.
  • Parking…

    Buckeye Real Estate Lots:
    Parking is never guaranteed and the Buckeye Real Estate lease agreement makes no provisions for parking.  As anyone residing in the campus area knows, parking is at a premium. Many of our properties have off-street parking available for our residents. Sometimes the parking is abundant; sometimes it is limited depending on the space available and the number of residents per unit.

    Residents are given the opportunity to purchase a parking permit for their vehicle to park in their lot if parking is available. Parking permits do not guarantee that you will have a space to park; it only gives you permission if a space is available.  Parking is monitored and patrolled towing is in effect throughout the year, including football Saturdays. Parking privileges may be revoked, restricted and modified at the discretion of Buckeye Real Estate.  

    Parking passes will not be available until early August; information will be sent before the sale of permits begins. Towing is suspended for a short period of time while our residents pick up keys and get moved into their apartment-homes; the towing suspension does not exempt illegally parked vehicles and reserved parking spaces.  

    Please be advised that our office cannot assist you if your vehicle is towed!  You must contact Shamrock towing at 614-882-3555.  If your vehicle is towed and you believe that your pass was properly displayed, you must go to the tow lot and show the lot supervisor the pass from the exterior of your vehicle to have it released.

    City Parking Permits for on-street parking:
    There are several blocks around the campus area that have limited parking via special city passes.  Be advised that the governing of these street spaces is handled ONLY BY THE CITY.  Parking permits may or may not be available for your address, at the city’s discretion.  If you would like to confirm that your address is eligible for a city permit, please contact City Traffic and Parking directly at: (614) 645-6400

    Move-In Maintenance…

    Upon your move in, we can only guarantee that your apartment-home will be painted, cleaned & carpet cleaned. Many maintenance issues are addressed after residents have taken possession.  Maintenance takes a bit longer in August and September due to the volume of requests. Please be patient with us!  Report any emergency items immediately as those are the maintenance requests that will be handled first. Cosmetic repairs and non-emergency maintenance are completed on a priority basis.

    Please adhere to the following guidelines so that we may offer the best possible service!

    Submit requests only once. Please make sure to discuss any needed maintenance with your roommates before submitting them to the maintenance office. This way we can avoid duplicate entries, which can slow us down significantly.  

    Keep in mind that we are very busy in the fall so most work requests will take longer than normal. Non-emergency and non-property threatening issues will take up to four weeks for service during this time, depending on the nature of the request. We do everything we can to provide service as fast and thorough as possible.

    Utilizing your TENANT PORTAL is the quickest and most effective way to submit a request. If you have Internet access this is strongly encouraged. Just log in to your portal and submit.  You can place multiple items on one request.

    The move-in inspection completed by you at the time of move-in is not a maintenance request. Our maintenance department does not see these, therefore all requests need submitted separately.

    Maintenance hours are 8:30am – 4:30pm. You can leave a voicemail if calling during non-working hours. If we are closed, all emergencies should be called into our after hours answering service. Emergencies include things like: no electricity, no water, break-ins, lock outs, water or gas leaks, or any other property threatening issues.

    Contact Information

    Maintenance office  (614) 448-3902
    After-hours answering service  (614) 448-2543
    James R. Lentz
    Maintenance Coordinator

    Utility Information…

    Utilities must be transferred into your name within 48 hours of getting keys!
    It is always a good idea to contact the utility companies a few weeks before your plan to take occupancy of your new apartment-home.  Especially since some companies get backlogged certain times of the year. Listed below are the phone numbers of local utilities that you may need.

    Columbia Gas 1-800-344-4077
    You will need the following when you first call:
    Address (of were you are starting gas service)
    Name (of the tenant the service will be under)
    Name of any additional tenant you want authorized to call regarding the account
    Social Security Number (of the tenant the service will be under)
    They will ask to do a credit check.  Based on the credit check you may need to do the following:
    Write down account #: _______________________.
    Security deposit (send to them, they will tell you how)
    Fax in requested items (normally a drivers license and social security card, make sure to write the account #, address and your name on the fax)
    CALL BACK to verify that they have everything once you have faxed all information and paid the security deposit.

    Please call American Electric Power first and ask if they service the address you are placing electric service info.  If they do not service your address then call City of Columbus – Division of Electricity.
    American Electric Power (AEP) 1-800-277-2177
    You will need the following when you call:
    Address (of were you are starting electric service)
    Name(s) (of the tenant the service will be under)
    Social Security Number (of the tenant the service will be under)
    Date of Birth
    Driver’s License Number
    Employment information
    Name and phone number of a relative
    City of Columbus – Division of Electricity 614-7360
    You will need the following when you call:
    Address (of were you are starting service)
    Name (of tenant the service will be under)
    Social Security Number
    Driver’s license number
    Employment/ Income information

    The majority of you will receive a water bill from our office near the last week of each month.  This bill is payable directly to our office and can usually be included with your rental payment.  
    Buckeye Real Estate
    Important Phone Numbers
    (Keep this!  Hang it on your fridge – it will be very useful.)
    Emergencies: (After Hours Only) 614-448-2543
    (this if for no heat, no water, water leak, etc. property emergencies only!)
    Maintenance Office: 614-448-3902
    (all maintenance issues and requests)

    Leasing Office: 614-294-5511

    Fax Number: 614-294-4412

    Shamrock Towing: 614-882-3555

    Fire Department: 614-221-2345

    Columbus Police: 614-645-4545

    AEP (electric): 800-277-2177

    City Electric: 614-645-7360

    Columbia Gas:      800-344-4077

    Time Warner Cable: 614-481-5050

    City Parking: 614-645-6400

    Leasing Office Hours:
    Contact Us:
    Address: 48 East 15th Avenue
    Web Site: 

    Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm
    Saturday 11am to 3pm
    Sunday Closed